Would you help me achieve my dreams?

Hello my friends. Today, I want to ask you for a a favor, for a little dose of help that I have a big need of, but I know I can’t find nowhere else.

First, I will explain you my predicament: I’m a writer, I have said so before, and I repeat it. Now, I live in Venezuela, a country with a terrible inflation and a total lack of editorials right now, so I can’t publish my books or do anything related to it. I am working towards my dream, which is publishing my books and making a living as a writer. Right now I am participating in several literary contest around the world, all of them in spanish.

Second, I want to leave this country because my delusional disorder struck me hard and it was, in big part, because of the conditions in which I lived. My delusions were related to my writings, mostly, and they told me I had to get away so I could publish my books and help my fellow humans as a storyteller.

Third, in order to leave this country I need dollars. I will tell you a little about my country: we have a foreign exchange control which has empoverished our country and our people to the extreme. It is so bad that our minimun salary equals $53, and here in Latinoamerica, countries like Argentine have a minimun salary that equals $520 or so. Now, I want to go to the USA to be a writer and screenwriter, so I want to study there and work writing stories, but if I don’t get money I will have it impossible.

Fourth, and this is where you can help me achieve my dreams… I have an idea: I share stories with you, in a Patreon page, and you would help me donating me a little money. 1$ dollar would be a lot in this country, and I would appreciate it as you don’t have an idea. So it could work like this: one story, one dollar, or three or five dollars if you feel generous. Then I could share one, or two, or three short stories a month…

Now, I can’t make promises to you. My english is far from perfect and these translations are my own, so there will be mistakes, since I write in spanish. Now, I can’t tell you that you will like my stories, or they are awesome. I don’t make any claims. If you want to help me, I will be grateful forever. If you don’t, I understand.

  • you would help me with 1$
  • you would help me with 3$
  • you would help me with 5$

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I am making this poll so if I get at least 15 persons willing to help, I will do it. I want to emphasize that I write in spanish, and the stories are translations that I did with hard work and dedication, but they are not perfect.

I ask you as a man who suffered a psychotic break and now are recovered, but still need to live and to work and to love. If you can help me, and it’s not a big deal, thank you. If you can’t or don’t want, who am I to tell you otherwise? Thank you.

If you don’t know what patreon is… https://www.patreon.com/home

Sorry, @Darth, but I have to shut this down because it goes against the rules. I wish you luck with your writing, and with achieving your dreams.

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