Worth (another haiku)

Never an equal
Humans are so pathetic
But I have less worth


I am not human
I am a damn alien
From a far planet


All humans have equal worth, and that worth is high. Surviving trauma tends to make us feel broken and lesser. But it isn’t true. Are you discussing these feelings with your therapist? Mine gave me homework of reading a sheet of positive affirmations in the mirror every day “until I believed them.” I felt like an idiot at first, and you wouldn’t think just reading words on a paper would ever help, but it does. I keep it up now. On my bad days, I read from the paper and try to believe at least three of the statements. Or I just try to come up with three genuine compliments to give myself.

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It’s just some thoughts. Therapy has been difficult recently many fights with my therapist and old trauma got dragged to the surface.

Tbh i just like this haiku

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