World is dangerous in my mind

Never had a comfortable feeling about living a life in this planet with people. I almost most of the time feel lonely. Either i was left alone and not cared or i isolated myself from even my parents thinking that i am ugly or not normal. Also i might get bullied almost every 5 or 10 minutes. But here am travelling with the world though, a high functioning bipolar or schizoaffective. Not sure if I can make it or be alive for the rest of my life. As i have a job, family to take care. Its so annoying to think that i am in a stage where the world wants us to be so fast and be in rhythm almost all the time and it’s almost merciless. And to add to the misery, being silent for a reason maybe looked upon as dumb. Thus I fear this world and it is not yet suited for the illness yet. Would be nice to have a separate quota or zone for the mental illness survivors. Meaning provide a life worthy of living.


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