Working graveyard

Sucks. I did it for 7 months at Target. My sleep rhythym was so screwed up. I started off on the truck unloading crew but I couldn’t learn the system and all the different stock numbers on the boxes confused me. So I did it for almost two months but then they took me off the crew and put me to work just stocking shelves on the sales floor.

I wasn’t very good at that either. After doing it for about three months my supervisor took me aside and told me the manager was getting ready to fire me for being too slow. So I conciously made an effort to work faster and it paid off. I worked there another 2 months before they fired me for not showing up for three days in a row and not calling in.


I worked graveyard I think sz people should always have normal work sleep schedules. Because sleep rhythm is so important. I worked at a Krystal it sucked, symptoms became agitated

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I think it depends on the person because I’ve always been a night owl and function better when sleeping during the day but that’s actually when the circadian rhythm is messed up.

There is always a nice way to handle such a situation. Talk to your supervisor, maybe he could help you. Why you didn’t show up on work and did not call either?

I had this job many years ago. I just didn’t feel like going.

i worked the factory floor on a conveyor belt…i was stacking the boxes…:scream_cat:
i only did it once…i kinda made a mess of it !?!
all the boxes were piling up around me…it was like comedy skit.
it went way to fast for my mind to comprehend !!! :flushed: .
then i swept the factory floor all day long.
i think i actually fell asleep standing up i was so bored !?!
take care :alien:

Well, it sounds like it was good honest work, though.

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it was a good job…i was 18…but i only lasted two days…i got sacked for being the guy who couldn’t stack boxes !?! :blush:
i was considered a health and safety nightmare !! :imp:
these days i am in charge of the ’ death ray’ on the death star…i have only made a few mistakes.
a couple of planets ’ suddenly ’ disappeared :earth_americas::boom: :earth_americas::boom:
"oh well !?! “
” that is how we learn !! "
take care :alien:

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I’ve been going to school part time. But I think when I’m done I’ll go get my class b license and drive medical supplies or something like that a few days a week

I find destroying a planet each day is a good balance for my perfect pinky toe

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Yeah, I’ve had those jobs where I went two days and quit or got fired.

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