Work on your judgements

If you judge poorly you are the one committing the crime.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

Can’t use crime to punish crime.

Equal and opposite, and nothing unusual.

People need to work on this quickly.

A woman said i deserved this once, which is off the charts when it comes to stupid and shitty judgements, sure i’ve done wrong things but goddamn. This woman didn’t seem to understand that she could never deal with her own style of judging and if it ever happened she wouldn’t agree with it at all.

We also tend to be shitty judges when it comes to good things as well, we give as little as possible for good things done while reeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyyyyy layin it on thick for the bad ■■■■, wwwwaaaayyyyyyyy toooooo ■■■■■■■ thick most of the time, soooo thick it doesn’t even make sense anymore actually!