Wish me luck!

I just applied for Breakfast Attendant

at a hotel, just on the outskirts of town.

yah! I wouldn’t have to drive on the highway. (my eyes)

I would love this job, about 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. most days. And I have experience.

see if they call me.


good luck with getting the job!
didn’t the security job work out?

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Good luck @Daze

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well, no. I didn’t want to get jabbed. And I’m not doing Rona vax.
Neither is Phil.
it’s also a longer story, I couldn’t figure out their on-boarding stuff.


I also searched some summerjobs


yeah, I saw some at country clubs about 20 miles away.

do you like to do mowing? there’s also food service at the swimming pools.

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Good luck Daze.

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Good luck @Daze

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Best of luck @Daze

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Good luck. Hope you get the job.

Good luck…

If they don’t call you, then call them.

Hey wow good luck :wink:

Hope u get job asap… best Wishes…

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