Will I laugh, well, you?

Rocevery progress based on American phscyoligest ,william James, and his functionalism therory.

James had little patience with searching for
the elements of the mind. He focused on how the
mind function rather than what it is. That is, instead of
trying to separate the elements of consciousness, he
preferred to learn how people maintain useful behaviors.

And I have few questions to answer on what I have gone through to Overcome incidence of laughing without a reason especially around people.

1-How can people strengthen good habits?

Answering this questions made me think that I need to quit smoking for instance and be socially conscious, can not let anything distract me from observing people accurately.

:grin: Here comes the best part.
2- How does an intention lead to action?

Well, I have made decision that I will try to confirm that most of the Delusions were for my on good, and to maintain good manners like respect and love and acceptance of others to be part of my life. That was confirming what the delusions tell. When I first started making this inattention I had faith that I will be helped by God if I tried to be consistent at making a positive progress in life without sticking around with temptation. Surprisingly, and after 16 years of suffering from this habit, this one pure intention made me succeed and over come this incidence by 87% percent.

I hoop that one intention will make you overcome any obstacle ( Hitting the bulls eye).