Why we have history of warfare and global warfare too

Humans misunderstand with extreme ease ( there are no laws that says humans will automatically understand everything with ease ---- we make our rules )

For example: If your son masturbates in your house and you just spotted him it might be a thing of history but if a stranger does that then it’s hell indeed

Humans understand with extreme difficulty ( that is why we achieve little success when compared to the great potential we have and that is why we have history of warfare and global warfare too )

For example: We don’t achieve awesome success even though we have great potential… our great potential is lacking the ability to understand

we can understand a question and magically answer it

we can read a post in this forum and magically answer it

but can we automatically understand with ease ? nope and that is the simple precise reason we don’t achieve simple and great and awesome and everlasting success

and few of those who can UNDERSTAND [ who can UNDERSTAND ] do they dooooooo

Lol at the son masturbating example…

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I also think that sounded funny :laughing:

It sounded (read)Lovely , charming and very funnely put to write such a thing.:heart:

Regarding the potential i think others might not want some to be what they could be and therefor try to disable them, attack them or prevent them and then they might become paranoid from the hate n attacks etc that they do not feel able of working with there bodies but say “yeah, work with eyes n eons and who i am but not my meat/home/body…”

I can not do work with my body that i can do using other bodies or quantum or other bodies of who i am.
Several reasons for it.
Maybe set up, stolen from ,attacked, lied about and list goes on. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, we have potential and ability to do wonderful things but maybe some (like me ) dont use there body or person to work somehow but its still who they are…

Writing here and reading yeah we can read n write it seems.

We have things we can do and there is potential.

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Also if others are in your body or your not “at home”…
Like you might not be in your body…

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