Why u guys posting a lot less in this morning

I am surprised …i have a lot less to read …i am going crazy …keep writing guys just through ur frustation here…try sharing anything u have faced news …opinion …question riddle…movies…everything…


sup far, I’m actually trying to reduce coming here a bit. Not that you guys bother me…but its just like everything else. Needs to be limited. I was more limiting before my condition. Besides…sometimes I’m just responsive and not the person who takes initiative now. srry man…

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Hey far. How are you?

I’m driving a friend around. He’s pretty much the only “normie” I fully trust. Anyway can’t text and drive. Just at a lpit stop.

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Don’t get upset, far_cry. I am not aware of members posting less this morning.

As for myself, I try to create less meaningless topic. I can post a lot but none of them are useful for reading.

I just don’t have anything to say

I posted yesterday. Unfortanately, i had to post today because a bad situation I am in.
Looking for a little creative thinking to my problem. I know someone here has an answer.