Why is waking up so terrible

The worst time for symptoms and depression is right when i wake up in the morning. Its so bad i can barely move out my bed i just feel like a slave to my mind when i wake up. It eventually stops when im finally able to get out of bed and have a cigarette and take my meds but still that 30 minute to hour period where i just wake up is so bad i just want to scream.

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I do ok in the mornings
But I get really anxious around noon

How much sleep do you get? Too much sleep can cause those problems or exacerbate them if they’re already there.

Who used to wake you up when you were a kid? I did not like waking up to my Mom and still feel like she is the one who wakes me up even though she isn’t.

I don’t have a half awake period like most people. When it is time for bed I lay down close my eyes and pass out in about 10-15 seconds. Then in the morning my alarm goes off and BAM i’m awake…My worst time for symptoms is when I have been unable to sleep at all for several days.