Why have they put me on 5mg oral Zyprexa when already on invega

Is the Zyprexa tablets to see me through until my invega depot is increased? What is 5mg Zyprexa used for? Is it quick to work with acute psychosis?

i was on the opposite. i was on latuda 160 then they added 234 mgs of invega sustenna and 18 mgs of invega pills. it didn’t help me but they could just be trying to handle your symptoms


Zyprexa 5 mg is the second smallest dose of the drug. The smallest being 2.5 mg. May be the doctor felt that a small dose of second anti psychotic is needed to compliment Invega depot, for the symptoms to subside.

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They think that by adding Zyprexa it will help the Invega to work better.

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