Why does it have to be like this?/Little rant

I am listening to a bird clock and am frazzled. Anhedonia, no interest. I have no interest in communication too. My Grandma came back from her vacation two days ago and I haven’t seen her yet. I don’t want to hang out with my mom. I don’t want my housemate to talk to me. I’m not liking what’s going on, but I’m stuck on what to do.

When I talk I am going in circles and circles, constantly correcting myself. I am disillusioned. Maybe uneducated. I can’t follow what’s going on.

I am thinking about a scheme of bad ideas, like self-destructive ones. Trying to distract myself with music of all sorts.

Can’t Can’t then Won’t Might Can’t.

do something healthy.
a walk in nature :evergreen_tree: , eat some food you like :cake:, distracting the mind helps to change our moods.
hope you are feeling better.
take care :alien:


As Darksith said Walkings good also try starting a journal. Helps to clear the shrouds in your head by venting. Was a post awhile back with tips and some of our ventings that may help give you an idea of how to go about starting one. Journaling for sz, let's start one here. I can show you

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Thank you for the advice. I saw your doodle, was neat. :wink: should really get back to journaling. I’m quite nervous for my therapy appointment.

Take care!

Just remember to breathe. It helps with the anxiety.


In through the nose, out through the mouth. Got to remember that too. Sensory + information overload, to all your neurons a thousand times over. ==========> ><><>< I shoot arrows at my brain.