Why do we fall for people that aren't right for us

And how to get over it.

Is there a trick


I used to always fall for men a lot more confident than me, but they could be insensitive. Maybe you admire something in them, you feel you lack and might have been better off, finding someone you had more in common with.

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Yes he was definitely much more confident than me. :sob:

Cuz that’s all there is.

I hope not lol!

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It’s unfortunate. We have to look at people fairly , that is the only way to do it. Look at each person around fairly, don’t just keep the eyes on the confident one and don’t just wait for someone to come to you.

In terms of getting over it. Everything happens for a reason and luck or karma generally works in your favour. Trust that and be hopeful but even better actively work on watching yourself and how you appear to the next person so that there is not miscommunication .


Cuz the eyes see what they want before they see the heart? I’m just guessing. Anyways as a guy I see nice eyes first.

Apparently I’m insensitive and oblivious. Not on purpose I just don’t realise what im doing lol.

When a gal is right for me, I often miss it.

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I don’t fall for anyone, good or bad.

I can’t even get a girl to talk to me

Dont be lonely? I mean that usually the number one reason why. Try to keep occupied. Focus on self care

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