Why do people get crossed eyes when they get older

or maybe its from medication.i cant see,i cant pronounce,is it age?

I have no idea. You should ask your primary dr

Haven’t noticed this to be the case.

I was born with crossed eyes. I had to wear glasses, while I was still in diapers.

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Talk to a doctor. Your eyes should not be crossing with age. They can cross due to muscular disorders, medications, brain tumors, etc. Whatever the reason, it is probably something that needs immediate medical attention.


@Ridgerunner same for me. Did you also go blind in one eye to compensate? My other eye still works just fine, and when I close my dominant eye I can see out of it. But 90% of the time my brain just doesn’t process the information from that eye.

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are you being sarcastic.or are you serious.

Not sarcastic. If your eyes are crossing, you need to call a doctor immediately.

@Ninjastar ,You may get crossed eyes when you’re older by having them when you are younger. For instance I was born with one crossed eye. At age three, I had successful corrective surgery. But, as I’ve gotten older, that eye has gone back to looking more crossed at times unfortunately.

Me too. 1515151515

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some older people get droopy eyes and somewhat like a lazy eye but ive never seen an old person with crossed eyes

I saw a picture of some guy ages ago maybe you know him. The thing that stood out is he looked cross eyed. I can picture him now.

You don’t usually become cross eyed as you get older.
Go see a doctor, could indicate an underlying medical issue.

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I apparently have strabismus in my right eye. That was mentioned in the report of my ASD post diagnosis appointment.

I’ve not heard of this. The only partially-sighted I’ve ever met was my now-dead father-in-law. He had one eye that was blind and the other was cockeyed. I forgot which eye was blind, so I just focused on the tip of his nose. If I tried to look him in the eye, I’d experience this extreme inner anxiety and try to put on a straight face without letting on of how uncomfortable I was.

you get crossed eyes when u have brain tumor / being psychotic

when my eyes dont cross they and up going everywhere.i also get headaches.

i should not have taken antisycotic in the first place,im getting cluster heaches from it.

did u do a mri/ brain scan ? u should do it then

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