Why do i feel normal on psychedelics

Im remembering back to when i took shrooms a few months ago and that was the most normal ive felt since the period of time i was using lsd. Why do i feel normal on psychedelics but really ■■■■■■ up when im sober?

it’s escapism man… it’s the only thing that makes the moment interesting enough that you are no longer concerned with the rest of the bs…

you can find that state for yourself otherwise…

dude life sucks man… you’re going to grow up either way… you might as well get started.

You are alone and unimportant… it’s the harsh lesson of adulthood. You can’t count on anyone…

Perfect your inner world and don’t make it dependent on some social ego or relevance. Life is a sand-box… dig in and make something.

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Everyone’s response to drugs is individual.


People do drugs for a reason. Back when I was homeless, the only time I felt normal was when I was drinking. It kept me going back when nothing else could. Eventually, I found a therapist and the right medicine, and then I didn’t feel like I needed alcohol anymore.

You will find the right combination of meds and therapy eventually, and you will feel normal again. School is almost over, and then you can take the time to relax and focus on therapy.

I think I had a good experience on shrooms a few years back because my trip brought an intense euphoria, and then the psychosis-effects didn’t scare or bother me because I’d already been through horrifying psychosis. So it was like an episode only euphoric and emotionally very deep. However it should also be noted that I could have just as easily been launched into a very bad trip and been traumatized. I was lucky I didn’t suffer consequences while trying to “heal my mind” as I thought I was doing.

I don’t know but in my opinion psychedelics should not be used by people with schizophrenia. Our minds are already screwed up and I think for most people with schizophrenia it could push them over the edge into psychosis. Our minds are already fragile and fu*cked up, you bring psychedelics into the mix and you are treading on dangerous ground. I had some acid trips in the seventies and eighties before I got ill… A bad trip triggered my schizophrenia.