Why did my post need approval?

@Bowens @Ninjastar

I assure you that I never used a loaded word.
I just stated that Mounjaro helps my diabetes.

I forgot to mention that I deleted the post before it got reviewed

It’s probably just a glitch in the system


oh…thats why then probably…becasue you delteted the post. THere is no way to know why it was up for review if you deleted it before it was posted, I think.


Watched words aren’t always “loaded” words. They can sometimes just be words that aren’t often used in everyday conversation, but are often used in scams. For example, we had a bunch of spambots a while back trying to sell diet pills. Some words related to those spambots are watched words, but they are just normal things to say when it comes to dieting in general.

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I didn’t use a watched word
Not unless it is Mounjaro

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Honestly that might have been it. We occasionally get flurries of spambots trying to sell prescription drugs online. Some of the drug names end up on the list for a bit, until the spambots die down and one of us remembers to remove the drug from the list.

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With the rise of AI, and the fact that many members here use translation programs to communicate in English, it can be more difficult to spot a spambot right away. Some of them make it through our initial filter.


Like @ATARI ? As I had a doubt that he/she was a bot. Because of the type of texting format he/she used. We used to make meaningful thoughts out of it.

I now see that his / her profile is been suspended due to duplicity !

Am I right @Ninjastar or I am again just making up or assuming stuff.

Edit : oops I think he/she had a YouTube music composition recorded and posted here. I could be wrong as well.

@ATARI made a different account. I think it may have been a lost password and no access to old email issue. This it the only reason the account is suspended. so they did not have two accounts.

They are not a bot.


Thanks you @Bowens See how deep my delusion still hold strong.

But I am still taking my meds it’s just that some thoughts are hard to erase completely.

He had a unique style of writing where I will never forget !

Even @zoe was sharing the same thoughts about him that he had a unique script of writing style !!!
One completely notable one was caps lock of his word, the first letter was always in capital.

Edit : I am soo sorry again @ATARI

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What’s up with the approval bot?

Got a message today as well…

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@Bowens @Ninjastar @Moonbeam @voithos

Something is a bit off here

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Okay that is weird. I dont see anything in your logs either. Did you also delete the post before anyone reviewed it?

There might be a bigger glitch here. I will consult behind the scenes.

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I deleted it. As soon as I changed the J word (J u n g) it let me post :thinking:

Ah. Okay yeah that makes sense.

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Bot postings also make more sense.