Why can't I have realistic goals?

I get my hopes up and think I can do things that involve working, volunteering, or maybe getting my masters degree. Getting my masters degree is an unrealistic expectation and shouldn’t even be on my list. Why do I have unrealistic dreams, and cant think within my means? When I look at that list, masters degree is what sticks out to me though. My stability has been nothing but up and down the past 1/2 year. I just want to be stable so I can do an actual realistic goal.

You could sell your own art in the meantime while you recover

Sell it online?

maybe ebay? 5555555

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ok, I’ll look into it

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how is you energy level on invega? I’m looking for things to uplift mine since I feel bit weak

I can relate. I make all these plans that I can never follow through with. Usually, I make the plans or start projects when I’m manic and then I am left feeling worthless for not finishing them.

Don’t rule out getting your masters. Set realistic, attainable goals. One step at a time. Maybe start with one class?

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I really struggle with this too. I don’t really have it anymore as much but i think its a matter of a med reducing the grandiose type thoughts. Not to say getting a masters is off the table, but by the sounds of it, im assuming its safe to say there are smaller, more realistic goals to work on for here and now.

Unfortunately i dont really know how i got over it. Mostly meds, partly lowering my idea of what being “successful” is.


This illness is very frustrating I feel like I want to do so much but reality is I’m not able

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Also consider maybe an etsy store.


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