Why can I only respond on certain threads?


I can’t even post in my favorite lounge!!!?
What’s going on around here… :mag_right:

I’m having the same issue.


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Strange - I wonder if that thread is getting too long and that is causing problems. What threads can you not post on?

I can’t post on the last caption contest for example, and that hobbies one also

What happens when you try to post?

Nothing. There isn’t a reply button

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mornin sam

Same issue with Samp’s thread. There’s no reply button.

It took some time off I guess :smile:

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If Sampers can’t post there, how will he demand it get deleted?!?? This is serious!


Same thing here, Sz, no reply button on the really long thread.

That’s why reply button run away at first place.

Can people try to post on that thread now - I think I just did it - and I want to see if others still have problems on it.

Just checked, same thing. No reply button available.

Wanted to confirm what @Minnii said about hobbies thread, and that’s only 16 posts.

No reply button for me either.


Same here no reply button, only you @SzAdmin can post there now. Abuse the previlege and take it to 2k lol


Maybe the whole world has been nuked, and we’re the only people alive posting to each other!!