Why are people afraid of squizophrenics?

i read it… makes me kind of sad, they say sz is like the modern day leporcy

I am a bit cautious around strangers, especially loud or aggressive types - you know the ones seeking out attention usually. Most people afflicted with SZ are not the ‘loud’ in your face types, unless they are seriously symptomatic.
I am far more likely to be cautious around aggressive type neurotypcals - At least I understand the severely mentally ill

i told a date i suffered psychosis 10 year ago, she said i would not see u anymore i dont date murders;(

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Media madness. Note the title of the article… “SCHIZOPHRENIC goes on drunken axe murder after losing at FIFA 08”

They emphasize SZ here… but the real truth is buried in the article.

“According to his friends, Callaghan is known to be a violent drunk. When he was six, he threatened his mom with a kitchen knife.”


The kid was 17 and drank a whole bottle of vodka…in actuality the alcohol played a huge part in this but the article emphasizes SZ.
I’ve known plenty of people over the years who are not SZ that when they drink in large quantities do very irrational things, including violence.


im sz and proud of it ■■■■ them


There are some people I know with schizophrenia that I don’t want to talk to. I occasionally say hi etc, but they are too delusional for me. Granted, a lot of people with schizophrenia also can think clearly. But some people have fixed beliefs and if someone is going to keep saying that the sky is falling that their william shatner and work for anonymous while pressing buttons on the remote giggling thinking they are hijacking a plane etc then It’s a little overwhelming. Especially now he’s saying his doctor is trying to kill him because he’s on Clozapine. I can tell that he’s getting worse, his mom isolates him too. I try to help him but it’s really overwhelming for me. He’s also responsible and mature, doesn’t drink a lot, and knows some mechanics. But he also calls himself columbine— and talks about gangs etc.

It makes me uncomfortable. Some people have serious issues and are never going to stop believing some crazy things because they have no reason to stop. No one confronts them and they refuse to see why it’s stupid to have crazy thoughts all the time. Sometimes I think he just says things. Like my mom. She says things all the time that make absolutely no sense and then moves on to a different topic.

I can’t wrap my mind around these random fixed beliefs as I never had them. The most I can recall of experiencing this was when I was off the medication for six months and called a family friend a b----stard for offering to teach me to drive. I burst out crying and ran outside. It took me a year to recall why I started freaking out was because I thought he was trying to replace my father who wasn’t teaching me to drive because I refused medications.

So a lot of the time with people with schizophrenia, our thoughts and emotions don’t match up. That would scare people. It also bothers me that I wonder if I have normal instincts or intuition. Would I really feel guilty if I killed someone? I sometimes wonder this, and I think if I was completely psychotic in a way which I will never be, I might be capable of certain things that scare me.

I know it sucks, but my rational view is that I understand why people fear someone with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, but that they should allow time to get to know the person before they dismiss them because everyone is very unique. There are a lot of violent people without schizophrenia too, and much to do with a persons values morals and what their personality is like.

I am not ashamed that in my first episode I became violent briefly. I am regretful though.

I never physically hurt anyone other than kicking a chair at a nurse when I was restrained once lol.

It’s kind of strange but…after I received my diagnosis a bunch of alarm bells went off in my head. It gave me a sense of closure even though my mom thought I wasn’t sick.

I actually became a pacifist and studied Buddhism BECAUSE of my diagosis of schizophrenia. It helped me. I realized that if there were times I wasn’t fully aware or in control of my thoughts, I needed to become non-violent so that no one got hurt because I knew in lucid moments I was non-violent. I changed my thinking and it helped me adapt and cope.

If I hadn’t made the mental note to become non-violent I’d have had a harder time I assume. I put a lot of effort into non-violence over time, and that’s just who I’ve become though my mom was a peace activist, so being opposed to needless violence like war and suffering is also just a part of me now…but it is a personal choice.

I’ve never been in any fights really, I’ve only been attacked once or twice. I don’t drink much either, but I don’t become violent when I drink just stupid and giddy.

If you make the mental choice to devote willpower against violent thoughts and violence it makes you happier. We live in dark times, there’s a lot of garbage floating around on the net and world…

Practicing non-violence IMO is a good ethic. This doesn’t mean that if I felt physically threatened I wouldn’t try to defend myself/ I just don’t support needless waste and suffering, there are better solutions.


the dark clothing, the horns on my head and my lightsaber put people off…
they run down the street screaming…" dark sith is here , dark sith is here "
take care from the crazy sith :alien:

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I’m guilty of stereotyping before it became a part of me. I have a couple family members with it and one that took her life. I always imagined SZs walking around in a hospital talking out loud crazy thoughts, and the unpredictability did make me want to stay away. If someone had PTSD, a lot of us would ostracize him, and think he was weak and shouldn’t be in the military if he couldn’t handle it. I mean it wasn’t even an option. I guess these were defense mechanisms to make myself feel better, or alpha due to my mis-understanding and being young. I was afraid what my Doctor and family would think of me, so I didn’t say anything for a couple of years or even understand what was happening. Part of my paranoia of sharing that part of me w/anyone that’s not a Dr. or with SZ is because of my false pretense prior to. It’s been years and a long journey just so I can understand enough of my condition to accept and cope with it. I’m not saying I was right in my assumptions early on, but people fear what they don’t know. I understand the stigma, but awareness is progressing.

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We’re either…





Lol, that’s hilarious

I think people should be able to relate to SZ as well, after all everybody experiences some of its symptoms in a mild form sometime

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I’ve had people illegally pass my school bus full of kids and then give all of us the finger after the fact. All because I was driving the speed limit. One fellow as so intent on flipping me off he nearly got into a head-on collision with the guy who popped over the hill in his lane.

You don’t need to be nuts to be dangerous. We all need to be more concerned with stupid people.



my mum recently said she knows how i felt back when i was pacing around the house, she has recently developed tinnitus which is caused by stress/anxiety and it is making her depressed and she has been having panic attacks and pacing the floor,

i think she can relate more now that it is happening to her but luckily she won’t develop sz bc if she does that would be a nightmare, i took her out today to a garden centre and things and i am hoping it takes her mind off of things, we also got her a radio to listen to even though she is profoundly deaf she can hear a bit better through her implant and it should hopefully help her fall asleep, she is taking diazepam when needed just now and is thinking about taking anti depressants.

idk what i would do if she got really bad, one things for sure though…i definitely would not stigmatize her, its all about support and comfort, listening and offering help when she needs it.

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People tend to be afraid of anything out of the ordinary, that they’re not familiar with.

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“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.”

― Aristotle


The squeezing of the mind?
I’d be wary of someone with this.


Thats really interesting!

It just the media sensationalise something that happens…thuis bad press.