Who's watching nhl playoffs?


Toronto vs Boston hope Toronto win. Pitts is basically eliminated. Flames play tonite hope they win. I hope Dallas stars win the series


Ovechkin, 5 minutes for fighting in a playoff game!?!? Who knew!?!?

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CBJ fan here, great game last night.


Go my maple leafs!!



Jets fan here. Also cheering on the leafs and flames.


CBJ sweeps TB tonight.


I have watched like 1 Nhl game, but i do follow the finnish players who scores. Happy to talk about them if u want


Yeah I’m watching. Love hockey. I have tickets on six teams right now. All of them in the playoffs.


Nice did u win???


We will see, we will see.

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We shall…

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I have a Leafs over Jets final.


And shall we begin…

OMG 1-0 and not even 3 minutes in.

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Almost 3-1 if not for offsides
Great game so far

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If CBJ does win the series, moving onto the 2nd round will be a franchise record.


The way there playing right now they can beat anyone.
Reminds me of the Browns late season run last year.
Had they made the wildcard, they probably would have won some games.

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Seth Jones 3-1, very nice slapper.

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Man I wish I was at the game.
It’s electric down there.

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Beastie Boys - Intergalactic

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