Who was John Chico

I saw on the front page of schizophrenia.com that this forum exist in memorian of John Chico, born at May 12 1959, died at Nobember 15 1995.

Do somebody know more about him, why did he die ?

I remember that Novemberday, the 15th in1995.

I told here a few weeks ago that i saw a shadow coming thru the door, that i was very frightened of it, that i shouted at him, that caused my first psychosis.

That was at this day.

Is this going to be the story of how the funding for this site was gathered

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Hi James.

Better not poke the bear.

Mods and Admin are sensitive about this topic.

Yeah, this forum was inspired by painful loss, but exists to bring hope.

And strange coincidences do happen.


I believe Mr. Chico passed from suicide - not everyone responds fast enough and well enough to treatment. He was the brother of the founder of this community. This community has not only supported family and friends of schizophrenics for decades, but those with schizophrenia themselves. I have seen people directly helped by this community over the years. That is a wonderful tribute to John Chico in my opinion.

There is nothing nefarious about how the site is funded.

@SzAdmin, please correct me if I have spoken in error.


Thanks Ozymandias.

That is what i asked for.

I think that a forum like this help people with SZ too.

Writing about it is the half way in my opinion.

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You mean not wake up sleeping dogs ?

A funny story about that, told me the woodpecker when we saw an eagle in the sky -

He gave a silent pock to me.

So i know when there is danger not to make a circus.

It isn’t a sensitive topic to mods at all. Nor a secret.

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Yes - you got it right. Here are some links that provide some information: Schizophrenia.com

and Schizophrenia.com - About Us | Schizophrenia.com

Its funded from donations from the brother and family of John Chiko.


THANK YOU to those behind the site. You’ve made the world a better place for a lot of people.



Yea I really like this site too.

I think I’ve mentioned that before but I’ll say it again.

The best thing is the 24 7 access to ppl who get it.


Thank you John Chico and family.

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This is good information. Nice to know about the background of this site. This has been a wonderful place to be. And I would say people here are also very sensitive and good.


Thanks to the family, yes.

A short greet to John, whereever you are from one electronic guy to another electronic guy

Weller - perfectly you .

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Is that a song? Can’t find it on youtube.

I will give you a tip mangojuice