Who is your favorite celebrity?

Who is your favorite celebrity?

I like Britney Spears.

I like to read about Britney Spears

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I like Margot Robbie at the moment… It varies.

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? Banksy
have you seen him?


I like when Britney shaved her head. :older_man:

Lena Dunham recently posed with her unperfect body. It was cool. :blush:

But my all time fav is Kanye West. That dudes face expressions are memeless :joy:

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Margot Robbie was really good in the film wolf of wall street

I pulled that stunt once. My hair was shoulder length, I was psychotic and got into it with my Father about military ■■■■. It ended with me bald and putting the hair in a bag after “putting a curse on it”. The bag has since disappeared. :japanese_goblin:

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My favourite - Queen Elizabeth II

Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin

Judge Judy

If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.

Ian Astbury (Younger Version)

I liked Paris Hilton for awhile. I thought she was pretty. Everybodies criticism of her was that she was ‘famous for being famous’. That criticism didn’t bother me. “The Simple Life” was hilarious. She pretty much dropped off the radar these days.

I love Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant

That’s some scary ■■■■ man :slight_smile:

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(to 77nick77)

I’m Sure You Are Already Aware Of Tha SonggG STARS ARE BLIND (by) Her But ,

For Anyone Else Out There STILL Alive Ch - Ch - Ch - Check out Tha STARS ARE BLIND (Lyrics) V(Y)D ,

For Me It Opened Up An Awesome Blind-Sided Metaphysical Door and My Mouth Jus Dropped ,

Became and Instant Fan …

SHe’s ShmexXxie Too (!!!)

I like Whitney Houston. She could hit a note like no other. I think her singing abilities are unparalleled. My favorite is “I Will Always Love You.” May she rest in peace, the poor embattled soul.

Hard to pick just one. Corey Taylor, Jack White, Jonathan Davis, Marshall Mathers, Marilyn Manson, oh I can’t even stop I like too many musicians. Not in a sexual way. In a sexual way? Zooey Deschanel and Haley Williams. Huehuehue and Tom Hardy I’m bisexual and Chris Pratt

A orgy with a bunch of std free celebrities. Now I’m well derailed.

While I’m derailed let’s talk about tattoos.

They’re really hot on good looking people sometimes. So are funky hair colors. And blood. Blood?! Whoops.

I’ll shut up.

i did that with my bangs; voices said to cut my bangs off for spiritual something…thank God that was a while ago

Angelina Jolie

She was a little crazy when she was young.
Then she grew up married an equal, had kids.

Then try to help other people.

I’m figuring out that part.

I just dont like any celebrity - i feel they are low individuals…if i had to pick anyone it would be ricky martin