Who is on a benzo every day?

Who is prescribed a benzo daily? My pdoc was allowing it to me in fact, but i still try some days without klonopin… But lately, i need it, so i’ll see if i take it now more often :confused: … It helps even my depression i find, my somatics too…
But idk, being on a benzo the whole life even if its a small dose? lol…
I have one good ill friend, who takes xanax daily since years too and she is doing well. How about you?

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No,i take benzos prn. In the past i had a pdoc who prescribed lorazepam 3 times a day.

My pdoc didn’t think it was right meds in my case because of the addictive qualities

I see, dear Ish… But only benzos work on my somatics, which are painful. Cause i am very anxious and i cant stand on my feet sometimes because of this… No need to say, that this obstacle to be more active, is quite depressing for me…
Yeap, i know its addicitive, but i have a friend who functions with them on daily basis since years, maybe its not so bad…
Om, i still will try the prn, but lets see…

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If you are prescribed it then im sure that its for a good reason… it just wasn’t a right option for me as I was prescribed in the past…as long as its working for you , its all good :+1:

Yeap, thanks Ish :slight_smile: Well, my docs were sensible to all my pain, so they tried to help my desperate case :smiley: I find, that benzos daily are the last resort, but its a bit like this here :confused:
In fact, currently, my mom is very hysterical and hard on me, so i need this. I am very sensible to those kind of emotions of her… She blames me also to not act…
I guess ill take them for a time now and maybe try without them, once the situation here turns calmer…

I take Xanax every day. Just one and the lowest dose. Works for me.

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I take klonopin daily

.25+ I have .25 for prn also

It balances me out nicely

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I take rivotril 2mg twice a day 2mg
Lorazepan twice a day 2mg

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The county health place I go to doesn’t allow anyone to have benzos, no matter their diagnosis or symptoms

I’m pretty much benzo free and am happy about it. They are addictive and since I took them for so long it took a really high dose to work for me and would cause memory problems. Now I pretty much only get my benzo for a big stressor.

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I take .5mg of klonopin three times a day.

Have for a long time.

It may cause memory issues, but it’s hard to tell because I smoke a lot of cannabis too.

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4 mg Xanax daily, and next appt we might add a different one to help as she was unable to get insurance to add 3mg extra a day. I am on no other meds except pain meds, so we treat the anxiety the best we can until they come out with a safe AP I can try.

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I found klonopin very addictive, with a lot religious ideation running through my head. Only took it for a few months iirc.

I take Klonopin twice a day. :cat2::cat2::cat2:

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I take Clonazepam - .50 Mg every night mixed with 65Mg of Benadryl for sleep. The first brand I was taking kept my mind stable but was causing memory issues. The new one they prescribed has less memory issues but it’s not as effective as the last one but it seems to be workin so far. I’ve been taking it for more than 8 months now everyday.

i think Aps work more for u , but u may need another one and switch

used to be on kpin daily. but then i started taking too much on my own because just one didn’t work anymore. now I’m on .5 ativan prn. I rarely use it though, prefer to take benadryl for my anxiety and insomnia. its a good alternative to try out

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