Who here is on flouxetine?

Im on flouxetine and olanzapine and im finding it pretty good but i have noticed that the flouxetine makes the olanzapine side affects worse. I notice that my eyes are much more sensitive to the light and i grt oculagyric chrisis more often. Im not as depressed as i was which was good

Yeah, im on fluoxetine. Works okay for me

What else are you on if you dont mind me asking?

Fluoxetine and aripirazole

Do you get ocular problems on it? I keep getting dystonic involantary upward movements of my eyes

Nope, not that i have noticed

Oh okay it seems like im the only one who suffers fro this

I take it also, but my ap just changed to Vraylar. I didn’t have any side effects other than needing too much sleep.

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It would be good to tell your doctor about the twitching.

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Im going to. Its annoying because when i was only on olanzapine i didnt get it as much

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I take it, too, for my OCD. I was at 100mg but recently dropped it to 80mg, and it helps a lot with my compulsions.

I was on prozac which is the brand name of the drug it made me severely manic people thought I was using hard drugs however it helps a lot of people and for people with depression and no mania it can be a lifesaver

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