Who growed up poor?

I’m just asking real questions here, I growed up surviving off social security checks from my mother who was left widow after my father died.


I was raised by a handicapped single mom on assistance and she had substance abuse issues. My childhood sucked.


I never really grew up “poor”. My father was the only one that worked though.

Lower middle class is a better term for it.


I was poor. My grandparents were average and they helped but had a single parent family and we were poor


I’d say same for myself.


My mother wasn’t perfect but compared to other people who had physical abuse mothers I think got the better end of the stick though she did beat me up for asking help on a homework assignment when I was 10 but she never did something like that again.

I didn’t, but felt poor or average. I mean we had stuff, but my dad never bought me clothes and when I was a younger kid, we went to payless and he wanted to patch my clothes that were torn. I think we were middle class, but it’s a choice. I wanted more and didn’t get it until later, I guess. I had other family members step in like my mom, step-dad and sister and grandmother and aunt.

My mom never worked until recently. So it was a mixed family or divorced family.


My dad made me make my lunch and we rarely ate out. Stark difference between my half brother and step-father. They had more money than us and my dad tried to have costs split between me and my mom, who didn’t work.

I got made fun of constantly because I had my big lunch-pale at school and made my own lunch. All the ‘cool kids’ ate school lunch or something like pizza and I had my sandwiches lol.


My entire diet consisted of rice and beans. I had to make my own lunch for high school. My mother did make my lunch in middle school and elementary.


Yeah, same here. We never had extra money but we had a reliable car and new clothes at the start of every school year. We ate a lot of cheap hamburger and spaghetti. We never had a color TV until I was in 11th grade.


My family was not poor but I went to public school and there were a lot of poor kids in my class. They couldn’t even bathe and I remember sitting behind a girl who stank so badly I didn’t want to breathe.


I probably would have went to a public school but I had learning disability and federal government give a lot of grants to people like that so that money’s cover a private school for me.

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When my parents and I immigrated here to the States we were poor but with a lot of hard work and luck my father quickly climbed to the top of the business ladder.
We later moved to an affluent middle class town and I was raised middle class.

We never lacked anything

Only in America


While my mom always provided my brother and I a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs, we didn’t have much money to spend on other things. She was a single mom for almost all of my pre-adult years. While she always had a job, it was never a good job but that doesn’t change what I think about her. I love my mom! She’s always been there for me, even when I was a bad teenager (did hard street drugs)

Don’t love my dad and I don’t want anything to do with him. I cut off all ties with him.


Pretty poor yeah, didn’t have enough for a bus to school most of the time - so that kinda says a lot about how poor


Hey yeah lower middle class as mentioned before. We had food/shelter/relationships looking back my parents did the most for me they stuck with me through sz/weed/ecstasy days. And my highs mainly in sports!


I was spoiled and my father new how to live according to his income. I had the best bicycle and dirt bikes. I was a paper boy delivering news papers when I was 13 years old. I then dropped out of high school at age 16 and washed dishes and minimum wage jobs until I ended up in the hospital with SZ at age 20. I am poor now and my disability checks come in my dads name for me. If the government didn’t send money for me I would have nothing.


Yes, I grew up very poor with 2 sisters at the time and a single mother. Well she was single after she left my abusive stepdad.

We lived in a well known Mexican-American ghetto in a city in Southern California.

Sometimes we struggled to get food and in a lot of our apartments and houses we had these goddamn cockroaches that were so big they could probably beat up a cat. I’ll never forget those sons of ■■■■■■■. :laughing:

Also another funny thing, when I was kid I always told my Mamacita that if ever got any money I was going to buy 100 black tee shirts. Haha! To this day I own a lot of plain black tees.


Yeah, I got the full meal deal. Lucky me.




Trigger warning: Domestic Violence

I had a stepfather who hated me because he adopted me from my real father and as a boy I resembled my real dad a lot. I remember one time he was ragingly kicking the ■■■■ out of me. He punched me in the head, stomach, and then he was kicking me while I was laying on the ground.