Who also heard bad things from his parents? Is it normal at the end?

Ok… here it goes. There is some anger in my behavior too sometimes. Hate too. I can be angry to my mother.
But you know, she said to me some bad things after my diagnosis. She said that a normie would never marry a schizophrenic. That a normal guy could never love me in my state… That ill never have a job or friends because of the illness. Isnt it too much to say to your daughter at the end? I feel a bit alone on this… It only nourishes my jealousy toward my other ill friends to whom their parents are nicer and always supportive. Maybe i am not right to be jealous idk… But my sister also says the same thing, yeah…for god sake, where do they find the right to treat me as the dummy of the family?
do you had bad comments from your family too? Is it what it happens in the families where there is mi or i am ■■■■■■ up alone on this?
i am angry today, maybe its not the path to walk on but i remained quiet in my family for too long too…

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We will get better soon …dont worry sister anna…u are a good person…live with courage …!!! U can do it Anna1 .

Take care balken friend …!!!

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am i really alone with this? why my mother doesn’t believe in me?

When did that hate start @Anna1? A good way to start healing is find out where it all began. Tended to be same from my mum think mine resents me being trapped in a relationship she couldn’t get out off and losing a career in nursing.

Parents are parents. I think even if you fight constantly there is still love there. You cant change the fact that you came from the core of your parents.


I wonder if it’s a culture thing.

Those were not helpful or supportive things to say. Perhaps she suffers from her own anxieties? At any rate we can’t control others only our own words and actions. What is best for you in healing? Say those supportive things to yourself and seek out supportive people.

@Anna1 tell your mom I met my husband while I was in the throws of psychosis, and he still ended up marrying me. It is possible to marry someone who doesn’t have schizophrenia. It’s hard on him that I haven’t gotten much better yet though. We hoped medication would clear things up for me. But I still have my paranoia and I’m on disability. Plus, my medicine makes me really tired all the time. I wasn’t tired when we first met because I wasn’t on medicine. But he loves me and is kind to me all the time. For his sake I wish I wasn’t afraid all the time of people being after me and hurting me but to me it’s all very real. Regardless, I’m happily married and I truly believe my husband won’t leave me because of my illness. Just like I won’t leave him because of his spine injury. Your mom is wrong. It is possible to fall in love and get married. It just might take a while finding that person.

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My hate started when i was 14 even sooner. I was irritable towards my parents, mostly my mother. I always had the feeling that they wanted just the perfect daughter without caring if i am happy or not. My mother thought i would finish my studies without problems, that ill marry and for me, this seemed impossible without saying this to them… Maybe its just a part of my delusions that my mom wanted from me to be perfect, probably… I dont know why the reason of this delusion…
she says now sometimes that maybe the schizophrenics with positive symptoms can marry cause they are more social, but not those with negatives lol… She still pushes me to go out with her to the shop and she still believes that this will help me. For ten years it didn’t give results though… I have problems loving to be honest cause my feelings are blocked in me.
ok, ill continue to have hope, but idk why my mother stopped believing in me, maybe its me who is too hard?

What your parents wanted for you and not what you wanted. something I don’t want for my kids. I’ve dealt with most of it therapy not that I’m over it as it’s still going on. Doesn’t help with moving on if your parents are still causing the same crap as always and in denial they are the cause thinking they are like the worlds greatest parents and far from the truth.

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