Which Planet Would You Like to Live On?

The Choice is Yours, Fellow Schizophrenic Friends.







Or, Mercury?.


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

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I’ll stick with Earth, thanks.

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Earth. I think Earth has a lot of beauty and order.

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There are actually many people who have volunteered to go on the first settlement mission to Mars which will maybe happen in a few years. So within possibilty I guess Mars is the only other planet that is inhabitable in the solar system, except for some moons and such.

I have always been fascinated with Jupiter. My favorite color is blue so Neptune also holds some appeal. If it was actually possible to live there I would probably choose one of those.


Supposedly there is a another planet beyond Pluto that has a real funny orbit. Astronomers think it’s there because they saw an odd shadow over a charted star.


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VENUS the planet of love.

Well earth is the only one habitable

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As a sea creature on neptune


I’d like to bathe in the red spot of Jupiter. Hehe.

A Message From a Secret Radio Broadcast on Saturn

—In The Heart of Spirituality—
—From a Tree to The Stars Above—
—The Sound of Love to Your Ears—
—The Innocence of The Breeze—
—Careful in The Frequency of Gravity—
—The Sun Rising to Touch Beauty—
—Consciousness Replenishing The Magic—
—Clarity in Dreams or So it Can Be—
—Remembrance a Hopeful Dance—
—Peaceful Reach Beyond The Sand—
—Speaking With The Sun The Energy of The Sum—
—Sadness Hides And Waits It’s Never Too Late—
—Skeptical Grace Among Eternal Embrace—
—Within The Focus of The Moon Thus Soon—
—The Universe in Your Room Why Speak With Doom—


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)
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There are actually more habitable planets than earth in other solar systems i keep up with space stuff the scientist can tell this by reading the atmosphere in other planets near by solar systems when thay pass in front of a star with the hubble telescope they actually have brake threw star shot were a russian billionaire whants to send satellites to near by star systems

Uranus… Teehee.

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We are going to have to become adept at engineering the environments of planets to be hospitable to human life. That is a tall order, though. I think it would take about a couple of thousand years to engineer the environment of Mars to the point where it could support human life without extensive protection from the environment. We’d better get started. In any planet in our solar system besides earth human life would probably last less than ten seconds. I think I would like to stay on earth.

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Elon musk is actually talking about terafermin Mars and Venus since thay are the closest to earth they want to block out the sun on Venus and amplify the sun on Mars

How would you get to another solar system. We haven’t even been to Mars yet.

You should read about it its called brake through star shot a russain billion air is going to send nano satellites to alfa centrum with a laser voyager 1 and 2 already left the solar system in like 2015 they will never get to another star though they are to slow