Which one?

I strongy believe, I’m developing either anorexia or bulimia… I’m starving myself and puking up after food…

And I can’t stop it, my psychiatrist is aware about this.

It’s anorexia if you think you are fat eventhough clinically underweight.

Did you have any model as icon and want to look like her?

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No, I don’t have

So what made you have a wrong picture of yourself?

My weight is 50 Kg now and 169 cm

Nothing, I just wanna be skinny

What’s your medicine and dosage ?

I’m taking Aripiprazole 30 mg Quetiapine 800 mg Haloperidol 15 mg Lamotrigine 200 mg and Lorazepam (depends)

Just replied to you

I think you might benefit from an eating therapist?

I used to be anorexic.

Now I’m orthorexic lol.

Which is cool by me. (orthorexia)

Being a healthy weight is important for your vital health.

Why do you want to be underweight?

I wanna look skinny

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At the expense of your health?

And I’m guessing you must be low on energy

Best to talk to therapist to let you know you look fine being healthy weight. Bmi 18. 5 still looks slim too

No, I have loads of energy

I used to be Mal-nourished. I hated food. It’s really bad I would get bloody noses. Eating healthy fixed it.

Be careful purposely starving and bulimia is really bad.

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For me anorexia was addictive. I lost and lost and lost. Until I was a concentration camp kind of skinny and my arse became saggy.

I went to the hospital and they said my immune system had become dangerously low. That they put me in my own seperate room and ppl who visited me had to wear gloves and protective wear.

It is a serious disease.

Be careful :slight_smile:

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be careful, it is very important to eat healthy. you can die from anorexia, talk to your doctor, he can give you some drinks supplemented with vitamins.
good luck to you

Your high doses of ap combined might be causing the vomitting, I am not sure which ap causes the most vomitting might have to check with your psychiatrist for it

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