Where is the best weather on earth?

I hear from my ex husband that Lake Havasu, AZ, in northern Arizona, has perfect weather year round. That’s where he went to retire. He wanted me to go with him, but, I refused. So, here I am. In one of the coldest places in the country, and the hottest.

San Francisco is right on the bay and those ocean breezes can make it a little chilly sometimes. I live South of it and I think our weather is a little better here.


I like the weather here in the UK. I enjoy the cycling of the seasons. The summer is plenty hot enough for me, and the winter is not as cold as some places, but I do find the short days rather depressing when there’s only 7 hours of daylight.

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I live in San Diego and everyone here says it has the best weather and I’m inclined to agree. The weather here is usually sunny and warm. People wear shorts and flip flops all year round. I myself have only worn my shoes like 3 times this year. It has been fairly hot but not desert hot. I’ve lived in Northern California as well, the weather there is nice but can get chilly. San Diego has vacation weather almost year round.

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Northern California seasons are Flood, Wind, Drought and Fire.

Actually, the south of France and Northern California have the same weather…So much that the south of France is #1 in allergies, Northern CA is second. Come for the weather, leave if you want to feel better.

Beautiful weather between 12 and 4 PM - once the fog burns off. When the temps spike up over 90º F, the city seems to melt, no one has air conditioning,and with the humidity, it’s most miserable.

Here in Florianópolis we can go to the beach when it’s Summer and then go to the mountains when it’s Winter. I love Florianópolis, but I’d love to live in a colder place.

Cape Town has lovely weather, sunny and hot in summer but windy though. Winter it rains but there is lots of sunny winter days with cold breeze and warm sun, like today was. We have Mediterranean style climate, I love it! We farm grapes and olives here.

People from Durban and Johannesburg and other places upcountry come here for summer holidays because they have thunderstorms in summer and we have lots of sun! Fortunately we don’t get lots of thunderstorms at all. I am terrified of them so I’m living in the best place. Winter can be rain storms sometimes though. We are not cold enough for snow but some fall on mountains.