Where do y'all look for LOVE?

I’m schizophrenic, full of energy and love, my mind scatters and I find it hard to focus on you, but I want to hear what you are saying…

HIV+, as well…

I want to find someone whose energy melds into mine and mine into them, with the natural ease and force of two hurricanes converging…

Gay and wanting to find someone to walk through the park holding hands, without fear

Here in Austin, TX, USA

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But I don’t want to have sex.
And I first need to get cured of my schizophrenia.


A foundation of friendship evolving into romance can thrive without sex…

Same here; I want to be the absolute best that I can be for my life partner :blush:

If schizophrenic vibes are present, that’s actually all fantastic, if those vibes blend together well; could turn into something truly exciting and fulfilling!


Well boy, as soon as I get cured I will go to the US and meet you.
I agree to have sex if you become free of STDs.
See you!


Ciao, bello!


Sorry! Sending out happy / healing vibes to all of you, then… non-romantically!

You are ALL just wonderful and beautiful people, even if it’s hard to see through our illness, at times.

Much love, blessings of quiet mind and friendships to y’all.


Just a reminder about forum guidelines…

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