Where did you get that hat?

The Santa hats? Where do you get one - ore should I figure it out myself?

You can post your avatar here and ill add a hat. Or you can change your avatar to santa clause himself!


Santa gives it only to those who were good

I downloaded an app that puts the hat to your photo.
You can also find a number of sites that will do it online ( just type ’ put a Santa hat to photo)
Or you can ask @waterway to make it for you.

dont ask



There’s an app that does this?? :scream_cat: I’ve been working on Autodesk on my cellphone :smile_cat:


Yeah but they are so mean: the best hats and horns are never free! :imp:


These are a lot of choices to choose from… I don’t think Im good enough to be good. Don’t know how to post my avatar + I don’t have my avatar original pic anymore, so I think I’ll look for a pic of Santa. Thanks.

@pob, your icon has always looked like a shadow of a creature to me. So here you go!


Wow where did you get the pic!

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I clicked on pob’s profile and clicked and saved on the pic there, I really didn’t think it would work!

THANK YOU. Now I have to figure how to make it into an avatar. I’m so computer-backward, but I’ll do it!

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