Where are these peeps?

So Shouting out to @firemonkey You all good? Haven’t seen you on board for a while but not over a lot of the boards when I’m up.

How’s @anon62973308 . Not trying to creep on ya but how are you doing?

It’s coming into a pretty crazy time for most of us. Family, friends and others make obligations on us and sometimes it’s all so tough…

Who else out there you know who’ve you’ve not seen for a while? It’s a good time to ask…How are you doing? Hey peeps. Let us know how your going…

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I’ve been wondering about @ZombiePupper and @valiumprincess, also @mermaid1

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I’m around , though I do go on other forums too. I post quite a lot on forums, but I’m a slow typist ie about 15-17 wpm .

I hope you are keeping well @rogueone . A distant cousin of mine who lives in the Melbourne/Wantirna area says it has been scorching hot .

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