Where are the rules for this forum posted?

I can’t find them. 911

“In order to maintain our community, moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any user account for any reason at any time.”

Wow what power 911…as if we don’t already have a paranoia problem

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Your post reminded me of this :grinning:


The rules and guidelines can be found here

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“Our community is simply a group of friends giving and getting feedback from each other. We try to run our site democratically. We do have an administrative staff, but they are often busy elsewhere with their duties.”

Sure, right, totally. Absolutely true. 911

I know the rule of all rules


What is it? 911 911

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Don’t be a dick :smile:


This isn’t the true tale sign of this board and forum

and @ninjastar knows it

the opposition to the poster is made clear

thru constant suspensions and bans throughout the working of mods

“watching” the member is done through constant fulfilling need of being hyper vigilant.

whole posts are posted against a member that was deemed deserving.

Mods don’t take any reason into play for suspension, but only go by community flags, so there is no authority over the whole post.

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I’m not so sure that’s the rule of all rules.

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It pretty much is.


I disagree. I think the primary rule of life is to not step on the toes of the powerful.

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Also, about this forum, what’s up with the scores of threads that are shut down without explanation? How is somebody supposed to learn from their mistakes? It comes off as arbitrary punishment.

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It never used to be this way, ask anyone from the old days

maybe a troll we’d have to get rid of, but never a posting member.

Welcome to today.


Maybe I’m spoiled, but in the USA we are usually able to hold people in positions of authority accountable.

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Permabans are exceedingly rare.
We close threads that are disruptive.
We moderate by the rules as they are stated in the guidelines and we will explain the rules if asked about them.


Why do some Americans think this is an American thing? Have you ever even been outside of the US?
We are not a democratic government. We are an online support forum. We do take user’s views into consideration, though.


what’s the rule about not being civil

cuz I see many who don’t do it, out of avoidance, or not engaging

they are the worst of the worst. I’d rather hash it out, than have that kind of sh-it.

Not sure what you’re referring to. I don’t read everything, I don’t always know the context, and we might read things differently. If people are being mean or disrespectful, that’s a good reason to flag them. Flags are always considered before we act on them. The system is not being abused.

If you choose “something else” when flagging, you can explain to us why you flagged the post.


Daze, you can’t expect everyone to respond to you. Plenty of people don’t respond to me. We won’t start disciplining people for not replying to other people - we don’t compel speech here.

People have all sorts of reasons for not replying, and the vast majority of them have nothing to do with disliking someone. I know this really gets to you, but please try to let it go.