When you start laughing you know your mad

Mad as in submersed in madness.

For some reason the symptoms I’m subjected to are starting to make me laugh.

I can almost trigger it myself.

It’s so stupid, it’s been the same ■■■■ for a year this point.

It actually stops sporadic voices.

Maybe evolution has a few quips in store to combat this.

You start to feel like madman.

How in evolution is this possible?

Well, a sense of humor sure helps. About the right things.

I don’t know if evolution has anything to do with it but after years of denial once I accepted that Im crazy like Jason but without the homicidal tendencies I stopped getting in trouble.

I once had a neighbor call the cops and they took me to the ER for a psych evaluation .

But I was wasted so thats what they concluded.

I think theres a lot of people that live in denial and their life would be better if they just accepted it because then they could prepare for it