When will this psychosis just go

I’ve had psychosis since November 1st everyday is a struggle. I’m schizophrenic but it just won’t go fellings of unreality. …brain just won’t heal.

Are you taking meds @Manonmoon?

Yeah high doses of seroquil.

Might take a couple of weeks to kick in

I’m sorry that you are feeling this way.
Maybe you can contact your doctor and see what he/she says.

Been on them since December.

I would talk to your doctor, might be a med that does not work for you

It sometimes takes months before the meds fully kick in.

Been on risperdone…olanzapine…haloperdol nothing kicks it.

Try go live with your mom and dad… might help :slight_smile: well that’s the only way people get cured - from a psychologists point of view… think his name was Freud… a neurosurgion

Really hmmmm I don’t know.

Well there’s always clozoril or polypharmcy…

My meds never worked as a magic bullet, but I saw a psychologist, which helped.

For me living at home :house_with_garden: just added to my stress levels, so I did group homes for a while, before getting my own flat.

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it was based on a study he did on Daniel Paul Schreber… tried looking for the full case study but couldn’t find it… you can research it if you like … Sigmund Freud (Daniel Paul Schreber) case study

thats true… but he meant more from the context of doing normal home stuff instead of locking urself in your room all day and thinking of the voices. He mentions this quote from a schizophrenics parent at a gathering, ‘‘he had a bit of a mental breakdown while in college, so he’s just staying with us for a while…’’