When was last

when was last time you logged out of sz forum?

lol! I never log out! When I’m at home I keep my computer screen open to the forum all day! But I generally only post in the morning after I wake up.

last time was when I changed browsers.
time before that was ban.

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I’m just about to log out. I hate it when I forget to log out and hours later J’m still on here. I log on and off many times throughout the day.

Phil likes Chrome

I like Explorer

he always closes me all down when he gets on here

I don’t mind though

was going to joke about how that’s symbolic-

but don’t want my thread locked…

but on my phone, I’m always on

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The early 2000s called, they want their favorite browser back :wink:


lol I use Explorer too. not too bad.

I even used AOL and had to hear dialing sound when connecting to internet.

haha, yeah, I know

good one

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