When there's no one around to say no

My wife is off dealing with the latest aging parent explosion. I took the money that would have been spent on a bed and breakfast for the two of us on our vacation this week and bought myself a recliner instead:

I had actually wanted to support a local biz, but it didn’t feel safe with the new Rona variants out and about. Wound up buying online.


That is a nice recliner.

Correction: you don’t seem to be in trouble. I read your post wrong.


Not yet, that happens next week. Well, the recliner part of it. I’m certain comments I made about my mother-in-law this week have not been well-received.

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hell whats the worse thing that could happen, buy her one too

She has a relatively new one. She was using an old rocker that has sentimental value to her, but she could no longer sit in because it’s wearing out. So she got herself a new recliner and “gifted” me the rocker. It’s now even more worn out and hurts my back too, but I get stinkeye any time I mention getting myself a new chair as well. She wants to keep this one around.

I don’t know what we’re doing with the old chair after next week, but I refuse to use it any longer. That ought to be another fun discussion.

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Happy reclining.

Oh, yes. I’m binge watching all the seasons of The Six Million Dollar Man right now.


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The only problem with recliners is you’ll curse every chair you will have to sit in again for not reclining.

…and that’s why I bought it.

I don’t do recliners because I’d be falling asleep while watching TV if I had a good one. Some of them are so comfy.