When has a dr or nurse said something they shouldn't have to you?

Last October i had a stay at the mental hospital and one night a nurse was really nasty to me, she was sitting outsside my room on night duty and i tried to get some help and she blew me off a few times but the 3rd time she gets up and starts shouting at me in the middle of the night so i asked her to keep the noise down, then she shouts ‘people like you don’t care about anybody’ i got angry and kicked the door 4 times really hard breaking the top of the door frame, i then calmed down and called the police to tell them what had happened and i said i got angry but i calmed down but i was afraid they were going to do something to me, anyway 2 nurses came in to my ward expecting me to be violent i think but i was just sitting reading my book and i said i was sorry but i got angry by what the nurse had said :frowning: i should have reported the stupid nurse, what a stupid thing to say :frowning:


I had a medical staff get really nasty with me when I was explaining my symptoms but other then that I’ve been treated good by medical staff besides the nurse who called the cops on me when I was psychotic in the ER but I wasn’t even doing anything

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There was this nurse in the hospital who I thought I had no problem with. You could earn weekend passes but you had to be back at an exact certain time. The hospital was cracking down on people who returned late but I always got back from my parents house on time.

There was this time where I left on a Friday morning and was supposed to be back by Sunday night at 8:00 pm. I forget exactly what happened but I made it back
on time but this one nurse accused me of being back late. I was surprised and angry at her because I had a good reputation and I didn’t cause any trouble or break the rules. She didn’t know if I was late or not so she shouldn’t have accused me.

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The only inappropriate thing I can think of is the time I asked a nurse if she had time to talk, and she said “give me 20 minutes, I have to go forcefully medicate a patient”.
She didn’t mention names, but I still feel it was none of my business what she was gonna do to another patient.

Honestly that’s uncalled for. OP already mentioned regretting this behavior

He has me on mute.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

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I went in because I found lumps in both my breats, one more concerning than the other. I was laid down on that crinkly piece of sht paper as my Dr was feeling them up, and she goes, “You’re so lumpy!” and fcking smiled down at me. Like it was funny. I just stared at her. When she left the room I got dressed and left. Never got em checked again. This was years ago, so it’s probably not cancer at least.

I know it’s personal but if this still bothers u should get it checked out :grimacing:

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It doesn’t. I decided when I walked out I no longer cared.

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I once had an anxiety attack and I kicked our apartment door so hard I broke it, had to pay a couple hundred for a new door. Not my finest moment.

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Well one time I was seriously overweight and was getting back problems and stuff from it, due to the aps.

Went to my gp said I’ve tried exercising but can’t run anymore on the aps.

She said try harder.

God sake, she clearly needs some education on aps…


You must be super strong!

I’ve never had a violent outburst.

It can’t be fun.

Perhaps I was being too harsh with MrHappy.


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Idk if it was right but my psychiatrist told me to accept my negative symptoms and to try to be happy when I told him I have been staying in bed all day everyday in bed since switching from Abilify to Risperdal

I was much younger and not as in control of myself, and not medicated at the time. I think our illnesses drive us to act out at times in ways that are so unhealthy and frankly ridiculous. I remember explaining to the leasing office with such shame. But you weren’t being too hard on him, he has you on mute, lol.

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He’s also made a point to say I’m the only person he has on mute.

Pretty funny stuff.

MrHappy is a card.

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Personally you’re one of my favorites so he doesn’t know what he’s missing.


I’ve lost my ■■■■ and destroyed some of my favorite, cherished items. It isn’t fun. It’s like something else has control.


I’m still mad at my cardiologist over limiting my salt intake. Rude.

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with good reason

I can guess after all the crap i received (so glad this forum has this feature)

but i will not be baited into an argument with an invisible assailant :rofl:

I had another nurse tell me she was at a covid party :frowning: you can imagine how i felt after having to stay in the same little room for 3 days :frowning: not nice

They never said anything they shouldn’t have but the bathrooms had no locks on them in the psych ward (in case people locked themselves in and tried to harm themselves). Several times they just opened the door without knocking while I was going to the bathroom, I didn’t like that.