When friends change up on you

Made a awesome friend this year awhile like the start. in school/college

Dropped out for blah blah reason… used to be a sweetheart, now everything he
says… its like hes gone fake… saying rude things being offensive on facebook messenger, as if hes trying to look cool of the friends hes hanging with in real life…Its sad cause he was a sweetheart, good friend… now hes a massive jerk…

Anyone else?

people always change…for better or worse. he prolly experienced something…it would prolly be worse if he faked the polite part to hide the other part.

Sucks man… we had good times too… :c

it doesn’t even matter if its a good change. Some friends don’t like it, I have a friend that I knew when I was 11. we were little on the “dark” side of things? and now I’m rarely a violent person now…i can tell we are 2 different people now. we use to think alike though…don’t talk to him anymore though since my condition.

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Yeah dude… that feeling u get they changed… u would like to help them… but all they do is push you away… Im not sure what type of feeling it is…

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