What's your western zodiac sign

I’m the only virgo.

Edit … so far who is willing to admit it!

I love Capricorns … my husband is one!

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I’m Capricorn!

So are my two best friends.


I’m a Pisces, and my girlfriend is a Taurus. The Zodiac says we’re in harmony.

I just told my girlfriend that. She rolled her eyes.

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Capricorns are supposedly very ambitious and conservative and quiet I don’t see the last two in you @anon54386108

There’s this bizarre song by a guy called richard clapton. He’s aussie.

It’s called capricorn dancer. Mr turtle sings it in this weird ethereal voice to freak me out.

Look it up for shits and giggles!

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Lol my mum is pisces and both my sisters are taureans and none of them are in harmony!

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My two best friends are just like me and Capricorns,

None of us are quiet or conservative…

more like “reserved” than quiet. but yeah I don’t fully think astrology is flawless. but sometimes its true with which signs I get along with the most

I am the poster child for Aquarius everywhere. Both my sun and moon signs are Aquarius. Sometimes I wonder what type of person I would be if I wasn’t mentally ill (since I’ve had it for so long it seems like a part of me) and then I realize that I could just read up anything about Aquarius and it’s totally true and absolutely referring to me. :aquarius: :crystal_ball:


If you ever feel like you don’t connect or agree with your sign you should do a natal chart. All you need is the time you were born and where you were born. If you only know your sun sign you most likely won’t get a good read for yourself. I like this site since it gives you so much to read about yourself. Mine was spot on, to the point it was a little creepy.



I have a lot of scoprio, Capricorn and Taurus In me other than sun gemini

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The astrology topic is something I’ve been reading more and more about recently. Lots of astrologers believe the Sun sign isn’t even the most important sign, that it’s the Ascendant.

Like mentioned before, to get the full picture, you need to interpret the whole birth chart, and there’s a lot to interpret - signs and their types, houses and their divisions, angles, aspects, interceptions and much much more. There’s influence from comets and stars as well, not only planets.

It’s a topic I’m delving into just now and it seems super interesting. There’s not been a person who’s birth chart I’ve looked at that wasn’t very accurate.