What's your poison

I hate pretty much all alcohol that’s not margaritas. My friends think it’s weird lol. But I really hate the taste of other drinks. I haven’t had a single non-margarita alcoholic beverage that I’ve enjoyed. What about you guys? Is there only one drink you like? Do you like many drinks? Don’t drink at all? I drink pretty rarely to be honest. Maybe a few times a month.

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I like to drink once in a while. I like the taste of cider but the effects of beer. I might have a drink in a few months from now.

Jager is the BOMB!!! See what I did there? Jager bomb! :stuck_out_tongue:


I love apple cider so I was excited to try hard cider. It just tastes like beer! Not like cider at all! I was disappointed :cry:

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I drink one beer most days. Bud Light Lime or Shiner beers. I love mixed drinks. Long Island Ice Teas, any mixed drink with rum. I’m nuts about egg nog with rum. I used to love to drink liquors straight or with ice, but I got a weak stomach now. So I do that less often. Like brandies and whiskies(scotch particularly) the most.

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Is alcohol a nono for sz people? I’ve heard different things on this subject. I haven’t drunk anything for spiritual reasons for years but I question my path now bc of sz. If I did drink again I would stick to craft beers. I used to slam tequila and whiskey when I was younger.

Gotta go with White Russians! Lol

When I do drink which isn’t often its a triple shot of jack 2ith a splash of coke and a large IceCube…

Jaeger Bombs alllllllll the way.

Orchard thieves is pretty good I’ve tasted a few ciders that don’t taste very good as well but you get the right one and it can tate beautiful. Rekorderlig is another one if you can’t get orchard thieves. I recommend their blueberry and elderflower tastes great.

I have not had a drink in years, not for any reason, I just lost interest in it, If I were to have one a white Russian would be good or a strawberry drink

yeah my fave alcohlic drink at the mo is jagers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

im scared to mention the B word online lol

Not really. As long as it isn’t abused. I think the main issue is that it can interact w meds so that can make problems if you drink a lot.

I don’t drink a drop of alcohol.
Haven’t touched Booze in decades.

Lately I’ve been drinking lots of Black Tea :slightly_smiling_face:

We have a high proportion of recovering alcoholics among the sz population, and threads like this can be difficult for them. Please refrain from topics about alcohol unless they’re in a recovery context.

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