What's your favorite comedy show?

I love Workaholics, Seinfeld, It’s Always Sunny,…

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King of Queens, Seinfeld, I like some of the older shows.

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King of Queens is good :slight_smile:

Yeah it cracks me up every time :smile:

Which one do you like?

Which episode? My memory is not the greatest … I like all of them, Author, Carrie’s father makes me laugh :smile:

The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.

Hard for me to watch tv. I wish I could watch Candidly Nicole. I like Nicole Richie… I don’t have cable :frowning:

Seinfeld and its always sunny in phill.
I love these shows, own all the dvds. I like george from seinfeld and dennis from its always sunny. Nightcrawlers!!! :slight_smile: I also like arrested development


Live: Seinfeld, Mash, The Eric Andre Show, Mork and Mindy.

Cartoons: Simpsons, South Park, Rick and Morty, Devil is a Part Timer

South Park. Damn that show is legit. So legit.


I like British comedy, especially shows like Keeping Up Appearances, and My Family, and Mr Bean

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I remember I really liked less than perfect.

Friends, Scrubs, Simpsons, Family Guy…

Roseanne that 70s show red green

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Yeahhh I forgot about that 70’s show… definately on my list!

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I love Rosanne! Own the first four seasons and Halloween special.

American Horror Story is my favorite show, but Roseanne is close behind.

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I like old school shows like Sanford and Son, Good Times, The Jeffersons, The Fresh Prince of Bel-air, etc.

South Park, Futurama, Simpsons and Family Guy. These are my favorites but i still find them difficult to watch.

Arrested Development, MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000), Chappelle Show, South Park, The Fresh Prince of Bel-air, The Colbert Report, The Daily Show…