What's more disabling? - or + symptoms?

Positive symptoms will land me in the hospital
Not so with negatives


Positive symptoms are more disabling for me.

For example, I have a constant chatter in my head 24/7. It’s one voice (used to be several) and hearing it it makes it hard to follow a conversation and participate in it as well as I used to.

I’m fine at work as I’m paying close attention. Outside of work I’m relaxed and hear the voice many times over friends and, sometimes, family.

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negatives, especially since they are constant for me.

I still don’t know what positive and negative symptoms are and probably never will cause i’m too lazy to educate myself.


Negative symptoms hinder you, but positive symptoms wreck you.


I always have negatives so that’s the daily hindrance but if I am having positives I am probably out of it and not able to function at all. In any capacity.

Negative symptoms

@Daisy79 , R U ish?

Yes that’s me @SkinnyMe i needed a change of name.

Positive symptoms are worse

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Today, I’d tell you I’m fine. When I’m in catatonic terror, I’d say positives. When negatives are high, I’d say negatives. I think it depends on what is on the forerfront. The severity varies a lot per person. And moment.

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Negatives don’t make me do stupid s***. Just saying

Both equal but opposite.
Cognitive issues make both worse.

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My positives kill me. Ideas of reference, thought broadcasting, voices, the way I hallucinate visually, it’s a lot to take on. Negatives like the emotional side suck but more of my focus is on the positives.

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Negs for me. I’ve got the positives under wraps now and can pretty much ignore them on most days. Negatives combined with long covid have me feeling like I’m half dead from exhaustion 99% of the time.


I’m not currently experiencing any positive symptoms.
Right now the negatives are killing me.

I’m half dead


I hate how I spend 10 minutes thinking about why I need to do something that takes 5 minutes. Constantly.

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Dang, @Wave. You hit the nail on the head there. I’ve never used those words, but “half dead” is so apt a description of where I’m at, too. The negatives are atrocious and have taken away my life.

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Negatives are whats considered more disabling. The drugs can pretty effectively treat positives in some regards… Delusions are harder to nail down from my understanding… that being said I can’t honestly say that, when I feel I have very very mild positive symptoms.

Positives are frightening.
Negatives not