What was the funniest thing that happened to you in real life

Lol that’s quite funny Loke

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One time, I was in a foreign country and they have these massive flies there and cokroaches and stuff.

Someone pointed out a huge bug on our ceiling. I looked up screamed, and it fell in my mouth.


Not sure if this is funny or not, but a dead bird fell on my head when I first got to Canada.

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One time I stayed up for two days no sleep and this little girl in my driveway scared the sh!t out of me and I went back inside and cried

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Once a bird sh!t fell on my head from the sky lol


My friend told me it means bad luck, he was with me.

That seems to be common, but I honestly don’t know how a dead bird fell on my head.

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He got a heart attack while flying.

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Dang this post is killing me, cause I know I have some funny stories… just can’t think of any😭 that shows how blown my memory is


oh god, poor bird!

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When I was in sixth grade I did some yardwork for this guy and he gave me a fancy yoyo in payment. It had little light bulbs in it that would light up when it hit the bottom. I was playing with it and showing off to my dad and my sister. I said, “I wonder what makes it light up like that?” My sister answered, “Maybe it’s the jerk at the end of the string.”

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A bird crapping on you is good luck over here!


When I was 19 I was working at the house of a friend of the families digging 2 1/2 foot deep postholes in really hard dirt. I had a crowbar and a small shovel. The task was to take 4 foot wooden 4 x 4’s and sink them in the holes so 1 1/2 feet of them would be sticking above ground. It was tough work, I was making like $4.50 an hour. The guy who hired me went inside to take a nap and left me to dig the holes.

It sucked, it was a lot of work. So what I did while the guy was sleeping was go in his garage and take a saw and I took the four posts and I put everything in my car and drove about half a mile away to a wooded area and I sawed about a foot off the end of each post. That way, I would have to dig a foot less into the hard dirt. It worked. Instead of digging 2 1/2 foot holes I dug 1 1/2 foot holes, sunk in the four posts, filled dirt all around the posts and no one was the wiser. It’s funny because I’m normally a good worker and I had known this guy and worked for him for years and I never did anything like that before.


A cash machine gave me double what I asked for
I got £40 instead of £20
Thought I was going crazy
Just got out of there in case someone realised
I should have asked for £200

Was real though… checked my balance
And it’s a small town I overheard some people gossiping about it having happened to someone else