What u doing for Christmas?


I fokking despise Christmas and the holidays.

I have to talk to irritating family members sigh.

We will have Christmas day at my mom’s house.

Where u going for Christmas and what u doing ?


Just another day here, don’t do anything


I dont know yet


I am spending the day at home with my family. My oldest daughter will be home from college, which will be nice. I’m going to bake, make ornaments, sing Christmas songs. That sort of thing.


I’m going to church with my family (the worst part), then coming home and having a party. There’s an NFL game on christmas eve, so we’ll probably watch that. Christmas morning is breakfast and presents, then a nice dinner that night


Just with parents
Christmas Day we are going to local hotel for Christmas Day dinner this year
I have two parties to go to for my charity jobs
I feel I must go and make effort but I will be glad when it’s over


My father takes me to my family in poland. Like last year, can not remember having christmas in germany for a long time. My family in poland is nice to me.


Having it at home with family


Just myself, kid, wife, and her parents. The latter two meaning that the rest of us don’t get to enjoy the Xmas break.


Thats cool guys,

Hope ya enjoy it


My family gets together over at my grandmother’s house. There’s a traditional dinner and then we play Dirty Santa, which i don’t enjoy. I’m debating whether i’m even gonna go this year. But i know it will disappoint my parents if i don’t.


Going to grandparents’ house for Christmas.


Christmas Eve we will have a lot of family members over.

Christmas Day no one will be coming over.

My one aunt will be staying with us for a couple of weeks.


I like the loving and cozy atmosphere of holidays


My ex husband and I are taking the kids out for supper to Montana’s on Dec 22nd.
On the 23rd my is my family gathering with my siblings and parents and all the kids.
I’m not sure when the kids will be here for present opening and game night. Probably the 24th


I’m sure I’m going to be going over to my sister’s house for Christmas. That’s what I always do for the holidays.


Spending Christmas on my own. Going to mums on Christmas Eve.