What to make for supper - a poll

  • Spaghetti and garlic toast
  • Farmer sausage and pierogies
  • Fish and fries
  • Chicken nuggets and baked potatoes

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Enjoy being able to fix your own meals. I really miss having the right to even if the food was limited much of the time, and I did a poor job with my weight.


That’s a tough one!

I went with chicken nuggets and baked potato.

Everything else sounds amazing to me except I don’t like fish. But if it were up to me it’d be chicken nuggets with fries but maybe you’re trying to be a little healthier than I.


With teenage kids I have no choice but to cook. I really do like cooking. My weight loss is very slow. I am not really trying very hard


I thought about fries. I am not sure I even have enough potatoes lol


It’s all out of my league since I’m a vegan. :disappointed_relieved:


Yes. Fish and fries all the way. And for fun make some mushy peas to dip the fish with. You’ll be a Brit before ya know it.



I admire you for the choice to be vegan


I’ve never had mushy peas!


Fish and fries all the way!


Definitely, spaghetti and garlic toast!


im in the mood for pasta. my mom invited me over for dinner tonight. we’re having bow tie pasta with some kind of meat, I think she said turkey sausage and red peppers. we have wild turkeys in these woods. the males like to control the females. I will eat them today.


Saussage. I also just had saussage…saussage mash and baked beans.


Just made spaghetti and cheesy bread last night. Don’t forget a lot of seasonings. :slightly_smiling_face::hugs: