What the voices say to me

Die just die, If I was you I would kill yourself, I’m the master of your brain, You will feel pain, you have killed people with your mind, ha ha that was no good were done with you , I would die with out him. This is what they say to me everyday of my life

If that was happening to me, I’d be trying every antipsychotic on the market, starting with clozapine.

I’ve tried a lot at least 6 different meds. whats clozaprine?

Killed people with your mind? How? Only the individual can commit suicide; can’t be held responsible for that.

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Clozapine is the drug they can give you when all others have failed. It’s used for treating semi-treatment-resistant people. It’s very heavy duty, and you need to get regular blood tests while on it (otherwise they’ll take it away probably). Sounds like your doctor is hesitant to prescribe it. Can’t blame him. But you should at least ask him about it.

im sure really they say im a filthy whore and have given people things

Peer-reviewed, journal published research-proven to separate the self from the voices (and often available in workbooks):

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –
10 StEP –

Yeah you know though… if you can count cards and play chess with your eyes closed you’re kinda screwed with a guilty conscience.

Idk i’m pretty delusional though still… I thought some guy i used to know may have put on a fat suit to make me think this so I think this and then do this.

Counter back and make them out to be stupid for their ludicrous notions. Then laugh it off. One particular way you may break their hold on you, is if they accuse me of something wrong take it the extreme and push that concept to a greater degree to show you don’t care. So if they accuse you of killing people with your mind, say yeah and you plan on killing many more with your mind and they’re next. Don’t let them control you with guilt. It is a demoralizing tactic.

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sorry that is happening. :heart:
i learnt the difference between right and wrong…
and i learnt to ignore it.
take care :alien:

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I’ve had a few of those voices lately. Always negative, but several of them based on some truths so I can’t ignore them right? I’ve been overly depressed the past couple days, but I had tried to lower my medication dosage and just recently went back to my normal amount so it might take a few days to get back to where I was before.

I’m on Seroquel XR 800 MG, it seems to help with the voices. I tried 700 MG and the voices came back full force. I also take Lorezapam and Escitalopram which is basically just the generic form of Lexapro. But I’ve been diagnosed as Schizoaffectifve disorder which has a borderline mood-disorder (mild to severe depression for me)…also have anxiety problems/panic attacks not always tied to the voices.

If you haven’t tried them I would talk to your doctor, they really do help me. Maybe you need more than just one drug? I’ve always been on Seroquel but as the years went on started the other two drugs as more symptoms developed.

Sorry to hear about that. It will get better. Hopefully soon.

Three comments:

  1. If the Ativan is taken at a fairly high dose PRN, it can be a factor in the causation of the autonomic imbalancing that is correlated to anxiety and voice audition.

  2. I get that you’re on Lex for anxiety (because you take Ativan; duh). Lex is a neurostimulant. And any form neurostimulant has a potential to cause voice audition.

  3. If anxiety is an issue, I would attack it – and expect to get a liftoff from the need to take those two meds – with some combo of the psycotherapies I listed in my post above.