What temperature you like in summer - POLL

  • Above 30 C
  • Between 30 C and 25 C
  • Between 25 C and 20 C
  • Between 20 C and 15 C
  • Between 15 C and 10 C
  • Below 10 C

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I don’t know Celsius so I will bow out of this one.

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Hmm. . .

As ‘The Flaming Lips’ Like To Say, ‘It’s Summer Time’.

That Wayne Coyne Guy Sure Knows How To Write A Song.

Not Only That, He Worked On Stage With Miley Cyrus.

Never Saw That One Coming.

Favorite Summertime Temperature?.


I Mean Really Hot. Like Evil Jalapeno Pepper Hot!. Spicy Ramen Soup Hot (With Chili Packets).

So Hot It’s HAWT!.


Something Like That.

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Hey, good job making a poll! I like the temp to be 75 degrees f. I’m not comfortable in the Summer at all.

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Below 10C in summer seems impossible.


22°C here. Though I don’t believe that’s the actual temperature, it’s just what I always set my ac to

Celsius to Fahrenheit

30 C 86 F
25 C 77 F
20 C 68 F
15 C 59 F
10 C 50 F

Here in Ireland there is a heatwave it 27c and sunny

Here in the Southern USA it’s frequently above 30C.

i like between 25 celsius and 30 celsius, or 80 to 85 degrees fahrenheit, that is my sweet spot. anything hotter than that and im uncomfortable, and anything cooler than that and i wish it was warmer. it regularly gets up to 90 degrees fahrenheit here in the summer.

The colder the better.

Yea some voted below 10C haha

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I like my room temp to be 20-21C. Though in winter I can handle room temp of 17-20C.

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I can’t handle anything over 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
Yeah the heat during the Summer months is unbearable around here.

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