What super hero or villain you wish you want to be

I want to be my own, brand new superhero. My power will be every time I pass a church it burns to the ground.

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I like batman cause he is a man who has doubts. I also like spiderman because he was considered a loser I think at the beginning.

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I want to be the Villian with a shrink ray. I think that’s pretty classic. I would shrink endangered elephants and steal them, They’d be cat sized with huge brains and I would sell them to the super elite. Then when the elite think they’ve got something good going on with their toy elephants. BOOM reverse the shrink ray. Now they have a life long companion that loves them, and they have to invest in housing them. Cough up the dough! I offer shrink therapy which lasts months but at exorbitant pricing.

Next on the list of my dastardly schemes. Human Shrink Therapy. Your food budget making you upset? Don’t worry I have the world’s best cost saving measure for a price, also I sell you tiny furniture for a price. Don’t worry for a price I can give you that exact furniture for your spacious new home…when you can pay for the full sized package.

I had more fun with this then I thought I would thanks :slight_smile:

Harley Quinn!

The Cap