What size shoe do you wear

I wear 11 and a half size shoe. What size shoe do you wear?

5.5 UK.

5 for sandles…

I wear a 22

No just kidding I wear a 3

Lollll no I’m a 10

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If I can get a half size 7.5. Otherwise 8.

10 US
43 EU



I already did this thread a couple of months ago


US 7.5ish, I have pretty big feet for my height.

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42 eu


Judging by om sadasiva post , We are probably in the same. I’m like a 9 3/4, sometimes I wear 10, sometimes I wear a 9 1/2, I’d say I’m about 42 in euro. Although admittedly I have no idea how their shoe system works in Europe as you guys probably don’t know how our American system works either


Im a woman and i wear 42 eu. But im 175 cm tall.

I’m in the same boat as you @Jonnybegood
I’m usually a 10 but have worn 9 and a half before.


I wear a Women’s 10 US, 42 EU, 8 1/2 UK.

Do I feel a data mining project in the works?

Women’s 11 men’s 10. I like shoes I need new ones.


I wear size 10 and a half to 11 in women’s. I got big feet.

Size 8 (South African) which is the biggest available size for women. I’m tall so I have big feet for a woman. Sometimes I struggle to buy shoes and anyway I prefer flip flops.

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